Monday, November 28, 2011

"Good And Angry For The Kings Honor!"

I love Paul Tripp! In this article he addresses an issue that many
today simply prefer to ignore. Anger is a Kingdom calling!

Here are a few extracts of his very balanced article.
I took the liberty to highlight portions for emphasis.


"God calls you to be good, and he calls you to be angry at the same time."

"...those of us who have been called to represent the character and call of God
in local church ministry need to pray that we would be righteously angry.

We must pray that a holy zeal for what is right and good would so fill our hearts
that the evils greeting us daily would not be okay with us.

We must pray that we would be angry in this way until there is no reason to be angry
anymore. And we must be vigilant, looking for every opportunity to express the righteous
indignation of justice, mercy, wisdom, grace, compassion, patience, perseverance, and love.

We must be agitated and restless until his kingdom has finally come and his will is finally
being done on earth as it is in heaven. For the sake of God's honor and his kingdom...

We must determine to be good and angry at the same time."

"Injustice must not, cannot be okay with us. The immorality of the culture around us
must not, cannot be okay with us. The deceit of the atheistic worldview---the philosophical
paradigm of many culture-shaping institutions---must not, cannot be okay with us.

Righteous anger should yank us out of selfish passivity. Righteous anger should call us
to join God's revolution of grace. It should propel us to do anything we can to lift the load
of people's suffering, through the zealous ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to bring
them into the freedom of God's truth."

Monday, November 21, 2011

What Kind Of People Should Ministers Listen To?


Perry Noble summarizes one of the most critical challenges that confronts
each of us. Who do we  listen to when it comes to making decisions?

Perry lays out eight practical and relational traits that must  be flagrant
if we are to give anyone audience to our lives.

I rejoice to report that each of my covenant friends in RFM consistently demonstrate these relational virtues.

As we approach "Thanksgiving Day", I feel especially graced to represent
the "Crown Rights of King Jesus" with such honorable men of covenant,
character and conscience.

O Lord!
For this I am grateful!


#1 – Those who know me, who have spent time with me and understand
        that there is a person behind the personality.

#2 – Those who have seen me at my best and worst…and love me anyway.

#3 – Those who do not automatically assume the worse about me and always
        give me the benefit of the doubt. (ALWAYS beware of the person who
        seeks to pounce on you as soon as they hear something bad!)

#4 – Those who are willing to stand with me in a tough time–

#5 – Those who offer correction for the purpose of building up rather
        than tearing down (people who always seek to tear you down
        should be ignored!

#6 – Those who are willing to take a confrontation straight to the person
        rather to an online audience.

#7 – Those who are not always looking for a reason to attack/hate you.

#8 – Those who have the goal of restoring you when you mess up
        and not wounding you!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

RFM Judicial Disqualifiers


In light of the recent post about SGM and the Cross of Accountability,
please review these traits that disqualify an RFM Minister from the
process of "Judging Righteously"regarding ministerial conflict, relational
or behavioral sin, and church court proceedings.

We serve in an adult world brothers! Man Up!

1.Failure to bring forth the teachings and standards that have
 been imparted and modeled.................................................[dismissive of  history]

2.Failure to employ perspirational study through investigative
   research and assigned reading............................................[lack scholarship]

3.Failure to demonstrate a mature ability to define issues and
   inability to think through the complex stuff of life..................[lack critical thinking skills]

4. Failure to show a mature ability to make consistent application
    of scriptural principles and pattern......................................[lacking biblical wisdom]

5. Failure to maintain principled centered objectivity .............. [Unprincipled mercy]

                                  Relationships are more important than issues,
                                    Truth is more important than relationship!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sovereign Grace Ministries Assessment

Ted Kober of "Ambassadors for Reconciliation" spoke this week at Sovereign Grace Ministries PastorsConference. At the end of his message, Ted gave an overview of what his team is learning about Sovereign Grace Ministries polity, process and procedures.

As a family of ministers,  RFM should digest the observations from their initial
research and interviews. The assessment put forth should motivate each of us to have a clear grasp of the "Cross of Accountability" as a redemtpive process with defined procedure for handling conflict and charges.

 An audio recording of the AFR session is also posted on the SGM site below.


1.SGM has been blessed to grow over the last three decades.

2.SGM has been effective in their focus on church planting and witness.

3.SGM’s quick growth has not been accompanied by the appropriate
 development of structure, process, and policy (and he lists several examples).

4.A number of people have expressed hurts and anger over the way discipline
 has been handled within SGM churches.

5.When significant charges were brought against the chairman and several board
 members, SGM had to develop processes in the midst of conflict. This is extremely
 difficult. Ideally a system is in place so everyone knows what to expect, but this was
 not the case for those bringing or receiving allegations.

6.No matter who assisted SGM during this crisis, they were going to be criticized.
 Nobody could come into the middle of a crisis and design a system that satisfied
 everyone, and everyone will be able to find something to criticize. This is to be
 expected in the middle of a conflict.