Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Compromised and Dangerous!


While thinking through recent years, it seemed  profitable to post this
axiom that we have maintained and proven to be a trustworthy principle.
If you recall,we taught it as a means of personal ministerial accountability
and for the flock to protect themselves against compromised ministers
who go rogue.

"Beware of any man who publicly declares he is accountable to others and yet,
 when called to account for sin and compromise, he then defies,denounces, and
 denigrates the very accountability he once publicly affirmed". Beware! Such a
 person is absolutely dangerous and should be "feared" rather than "followed!"

Unfortunately, we have watched "brothers" immediately abandon their
ministerial covenant when they were held accountable for an uncharactered
life or confronted for violation of ministerial ethics or were guilty of
compromised conduct unbecoming to ministers.

With that in mind, some of these same "brothers" continue to distort facts,
deceive the vulnerable, and denigrate our ministry. However, I  find a
grace-filled confidence to enter 2012 since we remain accountable thru
ministerial covenant with the same honorable  brothers that we have been
relating to since the Redeemed Community days in the 90's.

I am indebted to Bishop Bill Mikler, Pastor Jim Crabb, Joe Sacco, John Reyes,
Jon Paul Jordan, Frank Freeman, Norm Waddell,  Jacob Watson, and Pastor
Kenny Tanner for relational accountability and covenant friendship.

Should anyone hear slanderous accusations against our character or ministry,
please employ these righteous actions as a means to silence false accusers:

1. First, ask the individual  if he was ever in relational covenant with RFM,
and if so,were his credentials revoked or was he asked to surrender them?
After they answer, apply the above axiom.

2. Second, contact any of the brothers mentioned to confirm our sustained
covenant submission to them regarding ministerial, marital, doctrinal,
ethical and moral integrity. Request them to explain  the RFM
"Cross of Accountabilty".

Stengthened by grace, our mutual covenant commtment has endured years
of relational testing and correction of one another.


Friday, December 16, 2011

15 Characteristics of Great Leaders

Thom Rainer put together 15 characteristics of great leaders.


>see possibilities rather than obstacles.
>do not blame others.
>do not have a victim mentality.
>give credit to others.
>seek what is best for the organization rather than for themselves.
>respond to some critics and to ignore others.
>see past the latest obstacle or challenge.
>are continuous learners.
>exhibit true humility.
>admit their mistakes.
>take calculated risks.
>are more likely to make quick decisions.
>have a love and a passion for what they do
>are first great leaders in their families.
>mentor others to become great leaders.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Commands of "Unregenerate Pew Fillers"

I am convinced that Pastors today are held captive to five commands
mandated by unregenerate pew fillers.

Even worse, ministers delight in crafting their sermons and structuring
Sunday mornings to satisfy these man pleasing appetites.

Why? Because doing so becomes the means to stroke personal ego by
fulfilling their  "ABC's Vision" for secularized leadership success
defined as Attendance, Buildings, and Cash!

The Five commands:

>Tell me what I want to hear.....................................Narcissism.
>Tell me what will make me feel better......................Sentimentalism
>Tell me what will work for me..................................Pragmatism
>Tell me what is the least costly ............................... Consumerism
>Tell me what is inoffensive........................................Permissivism

With these in mind, read the article below from the Huffington Post.
Not the resource center for biblicism.Yet, the Pastor writing the article
is spot on.

Here is an extract from this confessing Pastor:

"I'm the pastor of a church called Redemption Church in Olathe, KS.
Our church was planted in 2003 and founded upon church leadership
principles that worked like a charm. We grew from 2 families to around
200 families in the first three years. We planted another church in a nearby
town and continued to grow. But, when we decided to reject sentimentality
and pragmatism and chase faithfulness instead we really began to grow ...
smaller that is. I don't know for sure because we no longer count, but my best
guess is that we have decreased by more than half."

If pressed about my church's growth strategy, I usually say it is to get smaller
and die; to continually decrease the amount of time, resources and energy we
spend trying to have the ultimate church experience, and to spend more time
actually being faithful.

Nowadays, faithfulness -- not success -- is our only
metric. Success is about "doing." Faithfulness is about "being," and it's
really hard to measure."


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Please Do Not Leave Me To My Self


Mark Driscoll says,"You’ve got to confront sin in yourself, in your spouse,
and in your friends.There is no greater contempt for someone than to leave
them in their sin."

I whole heartily agree!

Proverbs 27:6 puts friendship in proper perspective:“Wounds from a faithful
-sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy."

With these foundational stones, lets all be pro-active in our pursuit of
relational integrity together by allowing personally close brothers to
answer questions like these proposed by Nathan Burke:

>Where do I most consistently fail?

>What patterns do you see that annoy or frustrate you?

>What is something you’ve wished I would do or stop doing?

>Where/how am I not living up to my potential?

>What are my blind spots?

>How can I be of more help to you?

Now the final question. Are we being faithful friends to one another?
Then send your answer to these questions or give me a call.

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