Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Gathering In Dallas,Texas

Greetings Brothers

Planning is underway for our "Reformata Family of Ministers and Churches" 
Gathering this year so I need your prompt action please. Jacob and Jon Paul
have requested that their new church plant,"Covenant Community" to host the
event in Dallas, Texas. Therefore, we have tentatively scheduled May 2nd-5th.

Covenant community is willing to graciously assist with housing, meals and
Airport transfers. This makes Dallas a very conducive location and the following
even more so:

>Frank, Jacob and Jon Paul are already in the region.
>Dr. Seif has shared willingness to join us and he lives in DeSoto..
>We plan to invite continuing Friends from Redeemed and make it a reunion of sorts.
>The event will be announced to invite other guests and interested ministers from DFW.
>Covenant Community congregants will attend the gathering.

These points make for a well attended-celebratory-and relational  RFM Gathering 
with added potential for future growth.

This means the rest of us need only purchase airfare for the event and advertised prices are currently excellent. Spirit Airlines is offering  $167.80 round trip from Atlanta and American Airlines in a modest $216.00 round trip as well.

Please check your locational listings and promptly procure your airline ticket. 

Kind reminder that you are encouraged to bring your wife and invite other ministers who may be interested in RFMC.

For The Kings Honor!

Richard G. Hanner

Sr Presbyter